Pantheon Radio


Pantheon Radio is a non-profit making enthusiast radio station dedicated to players of the upcoming MMORPG "Pantheon Rise of the Fallen".


Listening to Pantheon Radio

The radio station is located in Toronto playing non stop, We play anything where permitted and focus our station at Pantheon ROTF i.e. Talk radio shows, News and coverage In addition our music selection is aimed at the EPIC symphonic genre, Metal, Rock, and Chill. 


We are PEGI 16 rated, note that some tracks played may contain explicit lyrics not suitable for children's ears. We play a combination of purchased mainstream tracks and royalty free, supporting upcoming bands and musicians. 


You can listen to Pantheon Radio on almost any device click here to visit our free smart apps.

Our Focus

We plan to offer as much content as possible this of course will come in time.  Having the capability to broadcast both live and scheduled gives endless possibilities.  Whilst content is our focus, building up the broadcast team is also on our agenda.

Becoming Involved

Want to become involved in Pantheon Radio, have your own show, Be a DJ or simple just help out. Click here for more information.


We are a non commercial station and do not offer any product or service advertisement, however if it's specifically in-game  related i.e. guild mentions or game events we gladly will add you a slot in our radio broadcast, Just get in touch.

Upkeep & Donations

Running a radio station can be expensive, Therefore donations are something we appreciate as it helps to provide continuity going forward. Click here to find out more about where your donations go.

bout Us

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