Congratulations Kathy Coleman from Ontario Canada.

     March Winner of the Pantheon Radio Competition.




Have you been trapped in an underground tomb by vengeful Wraiths?

Are you tired of being eaten by angry Ratkin?

Have a little faith, The Gods of Terminus have heard your prayers... and there is an


At the Order of Light in Thronefast, our Clerics are trained to meet all your healing

needs.Want help with those pesky undead? We've got you covered there, too.


For a truly divine adventuring experience, bring one of our faithful brothers or

sisters along.... Clerics....we'll cure what ails you!

Thank you everyone for your entries and support, we picked the winner by sending your entries to family, friends and colleagues to ensure a balanced judgement took place.

Kathy gains a bag of loot including an Amazon Eco Dot, A personalised Pantheon Radio mug and her script will feature as part of the radio intervals shortly.

Order of Light

By Kathy Coleman

April competition coming shortly