Donations help to keep the continuity of Pantheon Radio, General running costs include new music content, hosting and licence fees and give aways, they really do make a difference.

50% of all donations received go to the special effect charity "The Gamers Charity" who put inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games.

Click here to find out more about the special effect charity.

Al (GUAM), Scribble (US), Brenda B (US)


      A big Thanks to all of our  kind listners who have donated


$16.50 was Donated to The special Effects Charity

Payment ID (8CR30899136977117) May 5th (2018)

April 2018 Donations

Total Prior month(s) Listeners Donations $84

Total Listeners Donations Receieved this Month $33


Total Prior Month(s) Donations sent to Charity (Special Effects) $42


Total Listerners Contributions to  running of station (April Close) $16.5