Submission and Publication Rights

We hereby give rights to Mr Kyriakos Leivadas to develop and publish our Pantheon Radio Smart App on the Apple store.

Based on the following conditions :


The application is offered to the app phone store free of charge.

No advertisements are contained within the metadata that may profit Mr Kyriakos Leivadas in any way.


Intellectual property

Meta data is permitted for use that are found on the Pantheon Radio website , this includes images, fonts and the Pantheon Radio Audio stream, providing they do not contain advertisments or used to generate profit.

Meta data from the Pantheon website is permitted for use relating to Pantheon Rise of the Fallen.  This includes images ,videos, fonts;  providing they are not used to generate profit and are  found on the Visionary Realms website.

in this case :

Both character models that are used within the Pantheon Radio Mobile application are found on Visionary Realms website.


Therefore are permitted for use with this mobile application.

​​​​Fanbase creations are welcome to use any images, videos, font etc. from this website as long as they do not profit from them, as they are all copyrighted.

Pantheon Radio are community fan based and operate purely as a non-commercial, non-profiting making station under the SOCAN broadcasting licence.


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