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The Credits

Industrious Ferret Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Attribution License

Rapture -Ross Bugden - Music

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Artist: Silencyde Song: Shroud Social links: https://soundcloud.com/silencyde facebook.com/Silencyde youtube.com/user/Silencyde http://www.silencyde.com/

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Spartacus Music by David Fau

Azzaraz youtube channel full of goodies can be found https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg5J_OYHdke55dPWd6R_m1Q
Title : This Ain't The End Of Me
Artist : White Comic - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaUd4eBXtss
e-soundtrax Epic iTunes: http://apple.co/2Bafugn

Voices of Terminus | http://pantheon-vot.com/ |http://pantheon-vot.com/media/streams |https://twitch.tv/pantheon_vot

Honorable War - By Ender Güney 

Special thanks also to VIP Jingles for producing some epic images https://www.radiojingles.vip

Frequency, providing copyright free music. Follow us on Spotify → https://spoti.lnk.to/FRQNCY

Epic 4 Emotional Mattia Cupelli http://mattiacupelli.bandcamp.com/
Footsteps - Deep House Written, recorded and produced by Danya Vodovoz

Temmi Pantheon Lore https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEAqqGX3rWq3lTIAQWon9BQ

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Voices of Terminus, Yarnila Graumond , Kodiack Ironclaw and Leksur Ackus the magical trio

behind VOT.Over 100 Shows to hand, weekly discussions with frequent guests and player Q&A

making this a show not to be missed.


Temmi Talks Pantheon lore is challenging given that the it's not in its final stage yet.Temmi has produced some great lore videos well worth a watch.


Saicred, Father, Husband, Marine and Streamer (Where does he find all the time)

A real strong passion to Pantheon and content maker.

Bazgrim has been playing MMO's since the age of 5 , Living in New Hampshire and produicing

some exciting streams, covering Interviews, News and more, He's a pure Pantheon fanatic.


Azzaraz lives in Cananda producing some great youtube content, covering news, crafting and lore. We really enjoyed watching his videos.

Allison & Vexento - Mango Breeze Vexento   https://soundcloud.com/vexento

 Ducere Me In Lucem 

Bazgrim Twitch.tv/bazgrimtv | Twitter: @BazgrimTV | Facebook: BazgrimTV |Instagram: bazgrimtv

Arrive Caitlyn

My World - Leena Ojala

95TurboSol - Abyss -https://soundcloud.com/95turbosol

 Numb Sanity. | Falling Angel https://soundcloud.com/murderpuss

           Fantasy Music Emily - RollForFantasy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG46uU4jlxak8DvmcVqN2oQ

Wander RhoMusic Orchestral / Celtic] https://twitter.com/ItsRhoMusic

Upcoming Artists
Arrow-haze-casino,crisis,dreams, feat-derek-sherinian-dream-theater-stranger-tides
Bull Riff Stampede - thrashing-machine-radio-edit
Leah Capelle Docs - https://www.leahcapelle.com/
Rough grind - coffin to go , the-man-you-used-to-know , face-the-music
Solomon maxx-red Light
The impulsive - fade
We are the catalyst - don-t-you-worry-child
Arkngthand - The-king-has-arrived
Cassidy-bisher-sometimes (1)
Inna nirvana-extended



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     A big thanks to all the hard working contributors.


All the way from Connecticut, USA  was a real Wow Advocate playing since its release in 2004.

Producing YouTube videos, regular live stream and MMO commentary.

Excited with his recent pledge to Pantheon Rise of the Fallen, His intension is to cover Pantheon

after the NDA has been lifted. Taking some time out from his Youtube channel we look forward

to his come back.



He has an opinion about stuff and things.

His channel is dedicated to Vanilla WoW, Burning Crusade, and Pantheon Rise of the Fallen.

We will be covering his Pantheon opinions and general chatter on Pantheon Radio.


Pixel Debauchery The one stop resource in lewd and lascivious programming only on Pantheon Radio!  PD condones all aspects of ill repute and repugnancy.  At PD you can surely find comedic skits, lore, and all Pantheon community, guild and alignment functionality. Parental Discretion is advised!

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Green Chat

Cleeze brings you Green Chat, extending his YouTube channel to the Pantheon Radio Listeners.Greenchat is a place where you can ask Cleeze questions and he will do his best to answer you either theorised or actual. If you have a Pantheon related question for Cleeze simply drop over to his channel on the link above and ask away.


All the way from down under...Erm! Texas brings listeners Pantheon Lore.

We will be re-running MK's content each week on Tuesdays and Sundays to expand your

understanding with Pantheon Lore with his show named "Lore of the Fallen"

The Nathan Nalpalm Show

Nathan loves Pantheon Rise of the Fallen - so much he has his own youtube show covering

the Pantheon where he gets the oppertunity.

Also comedic, skit-based, puppet-singing, B-movie filled, heart bleeding ride that could only be possible on YouTube!


Chris Kane

Chris is a Voiceover professional, iaido practitioner, video game fanatic, home improvement guru, comic book buff, science nerd & coffee enthusiast. Bringing his talented contributions to Pantheon in the form of a keepers tale. We will be playing his episodes thoughout the week.


Battle Ax Theater

Who doesn't love gaming? We sure as hell do. Join us on our gaming adventure as we travel with our friends into the world of MMOs, FPSs, and much more. We are Battle-Ax Theater!

Catch Def's discussion Mondays / Wednedays on Pantheon Radio and don't forget to check out their youtube.


Pantheon Plus, Minus, Hayah and Poireau bring Pantheon discussion in the form of YouTube weekly. Also check out their website Pantheon.plus that delivers the latest Pantheon community content and discussions.